Your Mind Is The Real Safe Space!


Nafasi safe is a psychology practice that believes that the safest space is in our mind and that every individual should strive to consciously work on creating a safe space within self. We take on a holistic approach to help people with their mental health day to day struggles by using psychological based interventions and support.

Our aim is to provide a safe space where people are free and able to express themselves without the fear of being judged.
We encourage and embrace vulnerability and authenticity during our interactions whilst putting our primary focus on the overall growth of the individuals and groups we work with.



The psychologist will help the client work through challenging aspects in their life so that they are able to have a better understanding of themselves and others. This helps in working towards the desired change that one seeks. It’s an opportunity to receive emotional support and experience growth. The whole process is client driven. Some of the concerns/issues tackled in individual therapy are;


Each partner is encouraged to freely express and share their experience in the relationship. The psychologist takes on an unbiased and objective stance and works with the couple
to set goals that will enable growth within the relationship as a couple and as individuals. Couple’s therapy addresses a wide range of relationship issues like;


One or two psychologists (depending on how large the group is) facilitates the sessions and helps the individuals process their emotions, and work with individuals within the group to have a better understanding of the challenges they are facing.

Group therapy can help people who are going through addiction, gender based violence, chronic illness, grief, anger management and many more mental health problems. Some of the benefits of Group therapy are;


Some of the goals of family therapy can be to improve communication skills among the family members and creating a better and functioning house hold whereby the individuals in the home can thrive.

Therapy can help you through anxiety, stress, trauma, depression, relationship conflict, burnout, and many other mental road blocks that can stop you from being the best version of yourself.


At Nafasi Safe Therapy, we understand that we now live in the “new normal” and with that knowledge we offer both online and in person sessions. Our online sessions are conducted either via video call, phone calls or even text messages. This would depend on your preference. Our aim is to give you the opportunity to choose the medium that you are most comfortable with.

Confidentiality is paramount to us and because of this, before we begin the first sessions we sign confidentiality and commitment agreements that guarantee you confidentiality once the sessions begin as well as commitment from us to you.


Reach out to us today to book a session and start your journey. 

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Nafasi safe is not an emergency service, in case of an emergency kindly contact these numbers;

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